Springwood Lake Camp Club

Marty Giles – President

Steven Mueller – Vice President

  • Employee Relations/Policy Committee Chair

Debbie Brink – Secretary

Scott Johnson – Treasurer

  • Budget Committee Chair

Bev Mangus – Audit/Inventory/600 acres

  • Audit Committee Chair

Matt Kestel– Membership

  • Membership Committee Chair

Jim McBeth – Vice Chair Maintenance, Water Building & Sewer Plant Facilities

  • Grounds and Utilities Vice-Chair

Dennis Resler – Maintenance & Grounds / Building Permits

  • Grounds and Utilities Committee Chairman

Debbie Lamp – Activities

  • Planning Committee Chair

Larry McClintock – Rangers/Safety

  • Pool/Safety Committee Chair

Danny McCartney – Vice Chair Rangers, Lakes & Playgrounds

  • Ranger Committee Vice Chair

Don Smith – Elections & Nominations

  • Election Committee Chairman

Christi Albert– By-Laws Chairperson

Did you know?

Springwood has 10 subcommittees that need you! Please join one at any time: Bylaws, Office, Rangers, Treasurer, Maintenance, Special Projects, Activities, Elections, 600 Acres & Lodge/Kitchen.