Welcome to our Park!

Welcome to our Park Potential Buyers: You are welcome to tour our park Sunday through Thursday from 1 pm-3 pm. Please call to schedule an appointment. We ask that you obey our 10 MPH speed limit & STOP signs – Children are at Play. Springwood reserves the right to prohibit visitations during times that the park is overcrowded. If you have a dilemma please ask our Rangers for assistance.
Within this packet you will find a Listing of Privately Owned Lots for Sale, General Information on Springwood Lake Camp Club, Buyer/Seller Responsibility Listing and a map of our campground. Most importantly, you must contact the office before property changes ownership. There are additional one-time campground fees when property transfers as well as a membership application including financial and background checks.
The Private Lots for Sale on this list are provided to the Springwood Lake Camp Club office by the individual Lot Owners within the Park and may not represent all the Lots that are actually for sale in the Park. Look for additional Lots for Sale sign in yards and on the bulletin board in the Lodge.
We are not selling any Springwood Lake Camp Club owned lots at this time.
Be sure to visit our lodge. There is a meeting room, restrooms & showers, the office and snack shop. Our summer activities are posted on the bulletin board.

Enjoy your time in our park during your visit!

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